The Clogging Champions of America “All-Pro” team will consist of 16 dancers, any number of males and females as determined by the All-Pro Selection Committee.

At each competition, the judges select 6 dancers and 2 directors that they think meet the criteria. At the end of the year, these names are compiled along with a name from each CCA director and the CCA Board, whom they think would be deserving and are not on the list. After the names are compiled, the list is sent out to each CCA Board member to be voted upon.

The “All-Pro” team will recognize the best all-around cloggers, both individual and team dancers based on the following criteria..

•Clogging Skills
•Outstanding Effort
•Portrays Effort and Dedication

2019 All-Pro Members

Amy Hewitt
Austin Glass
Abby Simpson
Riley Rickard
Tori O’Bryant
Emily Linden
Anna Joy Hulsey
Julie Rigsby
Chandler Hurley
Aliviah Foster
Kathryn Curtin
Maddie Wright
Katey Armes
Ellie Roudebush
Preston Finley
Karley Thurmond


Ryan Rickard
Marci Rickard