Clogging Champions of America developed the Youth Leadership Council so that dancers from different teams in the United States would get to know each other and facilitate friendships and in doing that would form lifetime friendships and a healthy environment at competitions.

We host a yearly Retreat in the summer to bring these dancers under one roof and discuss what they can do as individuals to further reach out to dancers everywhere. At this time we decide what they can do to help in their community as well as the clogging world.

At the end of each year each director of our CCA community nominates 3 people from their team, based on their knowledge of the dancer, who would make a nice fit into our select group. Once the nominations have been made the CCA Board then selects 2 from each team.

A few things that the YLC does though-out the year is: Volunteer their time at clogging events, help design the program for the Retreat and further meetings throughout the year. Assist in raising money to support their group, create food drives and raise money for certain communities such as cancer and heart disease and keeps their eyes open for dancers who are in need of our Sponsor a Dancer program, which donates money to a student who is going through tough times. CCA believes they need to stay in their dance program so we donate money to their studio which would pay for their dance classes and shoes.

CCA believes that these younger people will continue our organization and make sure the younger dancers will have the same opportunities and friendships that we all have had.

2017 YLC Members

Power Taps Ashton Crow and Montana Schwebs
Dynamic Edition Alyssa Tidwell and Spencer Shirley
Indiana Dance Olivia Hastings, Lyndsey Gravelin, and Evan Burdette
Studio One Emily Rice, Lyric Campbell
Ultimate Dance Danny Hardwick, Macy Danielson
Southern Dance Academy Erica Quinn, Bailey Jolley
Carolina Sound Abby Hawkins, Madison Dunn
UCDC Chandler Hurley, Emma Fricks
Southern Belles Kylie Zimmerman, Ryleigh Watson
Tennessee Hoedowners Gavin Cox, Abby Simpson
Taps in Motion Julie Rigsby, Jacey Griffith
Clogging Premier Alyssa Keller, Emily Linden
Hearts Ablaze Ellie Roudabush, Carlie Dahlquist
Hotfoot Preston Finley, Holly Whiten
MAC Queen Emma Kate McCoy
Mentors Abby Peters (Southern Belles), Sara Beth Martin (Southern Dance Academy), Lauren Thomas (Studio 1), Kaylee Thomas (Studio 1), Rebecca Griffin (Southern Dance Academy), Maddie Wright (Indiana Dance)
Advisory Board Leslie Adams, Kelly Joyce, Erica Robinson, Baylie Weeks, Brack Duncan, Taylor Squires